The Naked 100 Eliquid Team Review

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Naked 100 such a premium, first class brand, the only debate among the team members was whether anyone disliked an “accurate” flavor profile. The naked E juice truth is, an e-liquid flavor can still score highly even if the reviewer doesn’t enjoy a particular flavor.The scores in this review reflect, using the same 1 to 5 scoring system, (1 is unavailable, and 5 is an awesome all-day-vape) where the team member would score a flavor as a flavor he or she personally liked. How much, or how little, that flavor was enjoyed is the basis of the 1-5 score.

To rate or score, an e-liquid based on the old principles, wouldn’t work in 2017. To some extent, all major e-liquid brands manufacturer their product under pristine conditions uses the highest quality ingredients, and accurately install the right amount of nicotine. Based on our old guidelines, when most e-liquid’s were being made by small companies, using makeshift clean rooms, Naked 100 would score 5 Stars for every flavor. Changing the scoring method, you’ll know which flavors each of the team members enjoyed on a personal level.