Apple Ejuice Iced Review

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In this blog edition I will be reviewing Reds Apple Ejuice Iced by 7 Daze. It’s what I consider one of the best flavors ever created for the e-liquid market, and it’s being manufactured by one of the best and most highly respected e-liquid company’s of our time. 7 Daze has become known for crafting some of the most popular e-liquid products on the market, but Reds Apple Ejuice Iced takes the cake. It delivers a truly authentic taste, and I feel that should be voiced. EnjoyThe packaging on this one looks incredible. Everything from its box packaging to the label on the bottle, it screams apple juice, and that is exactly what you taste from the very moment you inhale its brilliance. The box features a nice design representing the apple juice box we all used in our childhood. It’s filled with indications of its nicotine level, the bottle size, appropriate warnings, and information about the manufacturer.